Presumptive or preliminary testing

UNODC drug and precursor test kits

These are kits containing necessary reagents, tools and easy step-by-step instructions to conduct approximately 200 rapid and simple colour tests for the preliminary field identification of drugs and precursors most commonly encountered in the illicit traffic. A range of presumptive test kits of this type is also available from commercial sources.

Drug and Precursor Field Test Kits

Information about how to access these kits is available here

Information about experimental procedures for rapid testing of drugs of abuse can be found here.

A practical guide to the use of Raman handheld devices for field identification of drugs, precursors, essential chemicals and cutting agents by front-line law enforcement officers and forensic drug analysts. The guidelines highlight its strength as a rapid and non-destructive device which enables samples to be analyzed directly through transparent or translucent containers. The limitations of the device along with safety precautions are also outlined. In addition, the guidelines specifically provide step-by-step instructions on the use of one type of Raman handheld device.