Licit Trade Monitoring

Licit trade monitoring for precursors is accomplished through a system of pre-export notifications (PENs). It is important to ensure that the authorities of your country are informed of planned shipments of chemicals in Table I and Table II of the 1988 Convention destined for import into your country. It is equally important to ensure the legitimacy of each transaction, the company(ies) involved and the intended end-uses. Suspicious transactions in legitimate trade and attempted diversions should be investigated.

What is PEN Online?

The Pre-Export Notification Online (PEN Online) system is the secure, automated online system for exchanging pre-export notifications, i.e., information about planned shipments of chemicals in Table I and Table II of the 1988 Convention. PEN Online is made available to Governments by INCB at no cost. If your Government is not yet registered to use PEN Online or would like to replace or add additional users, please request an account at: (registration is limited to officials from Competent National Authorities under article 12 of the 1988 Convention which are responsible for the sending/receiving of pre-export notifications)

Is it necessary to send pre-export notifications before every planned export?

Governments can invoke article 12, subparagraph 10 (a), of the 1988 Convention to request the authorities of exporting countries to send pre-export notifications (PENs) for all proposed shipments of chemicals in Table I and/or Table II of the 1988 Convention.