Voluntary cooperation with industry and public-private partnerships

Voluntary public-private partnerships, based on cooperation between national authorities and the private sector, play an important role in global precursor control with the aim of preventing the diversion of chemicals for illicit purposes. Information about the INCB’s Public-Private Partnerships Project is available here.

Further information about public-private partnerships is available in Chapter IV in INCB’s 2015 report on precursors 

You may also ask yourself the following question: 
Would industry inform the competent national authorities in my country of any suspicious order or transaction in legitimate trade?*

(i)      Chemicals not under control

Consider extending, as a minimum to those chemicals included in the limited international special surveillance list (ISSL) of non-scheduled chemicals (Access restricted to Competent National Authorities)

(ii)    Other types of industry, beyond the chemical industry

Information about control measures that may apply to companies involved in the transportation of scheduled substances (Access Restricted to Competent National Authorities) 

* You may consider sharing your experiences with industry with other countries. Contact incb.precursors@un.org to discuss this further.