Capacity building for Member States

The UNODC Policymakers Training Package aims to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge among policymakers about the nature, prevention and treatment of drug use disorders as well as the importance of ensuring the healthy and safe development of children.
Planning, financing, managing and delivering adequate, sufficient and evidence-based drug treatment services requires detailed knowledge of existing capacity, specific needs, gaps, opportunities and threats at the country level. The WHO-UNODC Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility Survey for field testing is a drug services mapping tool to help identify needs and can be used in the mandatory assessment that should precede any initiative aimed at improving, enhancing or upscaling drug treatment services at the national, regional or local level.
Increasing the capacity of Member States to establish systems and services for the treatment of people with drug use disorders is a cornerstone of UNODC’s work on drug demand reduction. UNODC has developed training materials aimed at various audiences to ensure that adequately trained staff are capable of delivering science-based therapeutic interventions.

UNODC Treatnet Training Package

The UNODC Treatnet Training Package is aimed at providers of drug use disorders treatment services and includes topics such as principles of drug treatment, motivating clients for treatment, addressing resistance, principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention strategies, screening, assessment, treatment planning, care coordination and psychological and pharmacological treatment of drug use disorders.
Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services
The training package for the Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services assists service providers to plan and organize the work of their centres efficiently with a focus on operational and clinical management.
Treatnet Family Training Package

The UNODC Treatnet Family Training Package is a training-of-trainers package providing quality psychosocial support and services to communities and families with drug use disorders. It contains materials on family therapy for adolescents with drug use disorders including those in contact with the criminal justice system.