Management of drug use disorders

Facts and figures

More than 35 million people worldwide who use drugs suffer from drug use disorders (around 13 % of those who use drugs) and about 0.5 million deaths are attributable to drug use each year. More than 70% of those deaths are related to opioids, with more than 30% caused by overdose.
Drug use disorders have far-reaching consequences for individuals and societies and are challenging for public health systems. There are highly effective treatments for opioid dependence, yet less than 10% of people who need such treatment receive it. Moreover, while one in three people who uses drugs is a woman, only one out of five people in treatment is a woman. In addition, access to postgraduate training programmes on treating drug use disorders is not readily available in all countries. 
The need for concerted action to manage drug use disorders is now greater than ever before. WHO, UNODC and INCB are working together with Member States to ensure the availability of effective prevention and treatment interventions to mitigate the consequences of opioid and other drug use disorders and overcome the current opioid crisis.

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