Developed by UNODC



Enabled by recent advancements in technology, transnational organized groups have embraced the Internet as a marketplace for selling synthetic drugs. The exact amount of synthetic drugs sold online is difficult to estimate, but the number of online shops and websites selling synthetic drugs (both on the Clearnet and darknet) is growing rapidly. The use of cyberspace and cryptocurrencies presents significant challenges to criminal justice practitioners, especially law enforcement and counter-narcotics agencies, in terms of governance and regulation, investigation and adjudication, drug supply reduction and crime prevention.
This module of the Toolkit provides information for criminal justice practitioners on how cyberspace is used to traffic synthetic drugs and how to detect and respond to the threat. The module includes detailed information on different online platforms, the use of cryptocurrencies, investigation strategies and the importance of international cooperation.
The module also includes guidelines, reports, and training resources, including eLearning courses and access to reference materials.